Chamber music



Simon Christensen: Feed Lifting Sound (2013)

Instrumentation: 2 female voices, perc (zither + electronics) Duration: 50

Ejnar Kanding: Texture 1 (2013)

Instrumentation: Clarinet (Bb & bass), percussion, piano, violin, cello & live-electronics (Max) Duration: 11

Nicolai Worsaae: Epilogus I (2013)

Instrumentation: Vn, vla, vlc, pno Duration: 5

Lars Hegaard: Five Pieces on a Ground (2013)

Instrumentation: Rec, guit Duration: 8

Simon Christensen: Caccini Monodies (2013)

Instrumentation: vlc, perc and electronics Duration: 45

Ejnar Kanding: Mosaico 1 (2013)

Instrumentation: Cello, piano & live-electronics (Max) Duration: 6

Ejnar Kanding: Obscure Transparence (2013)

Instrumentation: String quartet and live electronics (Max 6) Duration: 11

Rune Glerup: Piano Quartet (2013)

Instrumentation: Vn, vla, vlc, pno Duration: 9

Nicolai Worsaae: Kuro ton'neru (2013)

Instrumentation: cl, trp, pno, perc, vl, vla, vlc + EA (tape) and video Duration: 10

Lars Hegaard: Four New Moments (2013)

Instrumentation: Fl, vla, acc Duration: 8

Simon Christensen: Manifest (2013)

Instrumentation: String quartet Duration: 75

Niels Rønsholdt: Americana (2013)

Instrumentation: String quartet Duration: 12

Finn Savery: Den forvandlede prinsesse (2013)

Instrumentation: Vn, vla, vlc, db, guit Duration: 10

Allan Gravgaard Madsen: Weiß. Schwarz. Blau. (2013)

Instrumentation: Vl, Vc, Pno Duration: 9

Martin Stauning: Nebenschein (2013)

Instrumentation: Accordion and cello Duration: 6

Allan Gravgaard Madsen: Schattenschwarz (2013)

Instrumentation: 4 prepared saxophones Duration: 9

Mette Nielsen: Fragmented Obstructions (2013)

Instrumentation: bass clarinet, cello & percussion Duration: 12

Simon Løffler: c (2013)

Instrumentation: For 3 glockenspiels to be heard through the teeth Duration: 10

Simon Løffler: D (2013)

Instrumentation: Vln, vla, vlc, glock., gran cassa Duration: 7

Ejnar Kanding: Nine Waves (2013)

Instrumentation: String quartet and live electronics (Max) Duration: 23

Simon Steen-Andersen: Im Rauschen (2012)

Instrumentation: Picc, fl (playable by non-flutist), b cl, with intra-instrumental playback Duration: 10

Simon Christensen: Arccos Fallen Tune (2012)

Instrumentation: Sopranino sax, vl, zither, perc and electronics Duration: 31

Morten Olsen: Kuanos (2012)

Instrumentation: String quartet Duration: 15

Simon Christensen: Monody (2012)

Instrumentation: for cello, zither and electronics Duration: 37

Simon Christensen: Octet (2012)

Instrumentation: fl, cl in Eb, perc, pno, 2 vl, vla, vlc Duration: 7