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Edition·S – music¬sound¬art has a widespread, international activity and maintains and develops professional partnerships all over the world – as do a growing number of our living composers.

In the recent years, we have seen several composers and works gathering attention on the international scene, and through partnerships with esteemed institutions such as The London Sinfonietta or the Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival, the best works are being given a chance to show their quality and long-lasting impact on the international scene.

Simon Steen-Andersen

Simon Steen-Andersen is one of the busiest and most sought after Danish composers both on the Danish scene and abroad. Steen-Andersen already has an impressive resume, having worked with some of the most renowned ensembles and orchestras around the world and having receiving numerous grants and awards – most recently the Akademie der Künste Kunstpreis 2013 and Nordic Council Music Prize 2014.

Recent successes include his Piano Concerto, which was premiered at the closing concert of the Donaueschinger Musiktage 2014 where it was not only well received by the public but also the SWR Symphony Orchestra, who awarded Simon with the prize for “the most remarkable orchestral work of the festival”.

Piano Concerto – Donaueschingen

The Nordic Council awarded Simon Steen-Andersen their Music Prize 2014 for Black Box Music. “An uncontrollable blend of craziness, humour, charm and exuberant inventiveness,” as they described it.

Black Box Music, by the innovative composer Simon Steen-Andersen (born 1976), is a unique and radically different work. Andersen plays, with great virtuosity, in the intersection between composition, installation art, electronica and performance. Black Box Music is a challenging piece of avant-garde music, quite unlike anything else, and yet embracing it requires no prior musical knowledge. —NCMP 

Rune Glerup

Rune Glerup is known for his method of composing by assembling “musical objects”. These ‘objects’ are almost physical things in themselves: a phrase that doesn’t change, a section that is constant and doesn’t gradually become something else. He would like to present music as something that isn’t a reference carrier for something else – a narrative for example. For Rune music is a phenomenon that expresses something which only can be said through music.

Rune’s debut from the Royal Academy in Copenhagen took the form of Pliiinggg – a mini festival, organized together with Christian Winther Christensen and Nicolai Worsaae, featuring the London Sinfonietta. After that prestigious start Rune extended his studies with two intensive years at IRCAM in Paris, resulting in performances with Ensemble Intercontemporain, the premiere of Examples of Dust at the Centre Pompidou in Paris and a performance of his Concerto for Piano at the Venice Bienalle. At present the Copenhagen Piano Quartet is touring China with his Piano Quartet as part of their repertoire.

Christian Winther Christensen

Christian Winther Christensen has his own unmistakable style in which he manifests himself as a completely contemporary composer pushing the boundaries of the avant-garde, while at the same time relating to music history through quotations and intimations that comment on, create ironic distance, and give new music a completely new dimension.

His Chromatische Weltmusik (ohne fremde Elemente) met with success when performed at the Klangspuren Festival in Austria as have performances of his Nachtmusik and Festmusik - mit japanischem Geist und deutschem Akzent in Switzerland and Germany. 

Niels Rønsholdt

The composer Niels Rønsholdt has a singular artistic project: To fill his music with a maximum of meaning. Like a poet that packs each and every word with as much meaning and expression as possible so that they each tell a story created through associations and layers of meaning. Rønsholdt is concerned with connecting music’s fundamentally abstract nature with concrete sounds such as whip cracks, footsteps and breathing. For Rønsholdt music is bound up with the body. Both in performance and in listening. Music’s basic substance has a sensual element in the form of rhythm and flow and many of his works circle around an erotic field of tension with a point of departure in breathing and the voice.

Niels Rønsholdt has been commissioned by esteemed international ensembles and performed on most European contemporary music festivals. He has engaged in long, fruitful collaborations with, amongst others, the Danish ensemble SCENATET and interaction artist Signe Klejs and worked with institutions such as Royal Opera House in London and 3Legged Dog in New York.

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