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Friedrich Kuhlau - Violin Sonatas

Friedrich Kuhlau’s 8 violin sonatas are now published in a new edition by Edition·S.

Friedrich Kuhlau (1786-1832) was Danish music’s most cosmopolitan personality at the beginning of the nineteenth century. He had a wide network abroad, and as a great admirer of Beethoven he fought for new tones in Danish musical life. Kuhlau was a leading figure in what posterity has dubbed the Danish Golden Age.

Abroad, Kuhlau has passed into history as a flute composer; “The Beethoven of the flute”. The flute music and the National-Romantic works have overshadowed Kuhlau’s other production, including his works for violin and piano, which encompass sonatas of several sizes.

For many years it has been a challenge to acquire the sheet music for Kuhlau’s sonatas. Only a few printed editions exist from Kuhlau’s own time, and almost none have been published since.

The new publication is initiated by Duo Åstrand/Salo who recorded all sonatas.