Lars Hegaard
9+ instr
A3, 35 pages

Decet was dedicated to the Esbjerg Ensemble who first performed it at their workshop in 1982. Since then they have released it on CD. 

The 1st movement is a rhythmically differentiated clang tissue, arranged in eight synchronized tempo layers. The melodic ambitus is proportional with the tempo layer: the horn plays within the lowest note value (the minim) and consequently it has the lowest ambitus. To the listener the soundscape may resemble wheeling flocks of birds.

The 2nd movement opposes the somewhat solistic expressions of the oboe and the cello with the timbres of the other instruments. However, the oboe and the cello start off on their own individual level: the cello goes from quick expressive figures to slow enduring notes – the oboe vice versa.

The 3rd movement moves from points to areas of repetitive notes of different values. In the middle of the movement a more melodic figure enters only to be gradually shortened (it curls up, so to say) back to the point. The structure is controlled by the old principal of alternate ringing (changing of pairs).

The 4th movement is modelled on a fragment of the richly heterophonous music of the Central African pygmys (Ekondo). The wind players play melodically and the strings play accompaniment in a rhythmic pattern characterized by glissandi, pizzicati and – not least - col legno effects.

- Lars Hegaard



2-8 instr

Solo(s) + Symphony orchestra


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