Tre Afrikanske Digte

Lars Hegaard
Aimé Cesaire (Danish translation by Uffe Harder)
2 sopranos soli + mixed choir, cl, vl, vlc
Solo(s) + 2-8 instr
A3, 32 pages

Lars Hegaard: Tre Afrikanske Digte (Three African Poems, 1983)

”Tre Afrikanske Digte” was commissioned by the Danish Cæcilia Choir with support from the Danish Arts Foundation.

The work runs for appr. 8 minutes. The instrumentation was partly determined by the leader of the choir. The lyrics are three poems by the Martinique-based poet Aimé Césaire – they were translated into Danish by the author Uffe Harder. All three movements are influenced by African folk music. - Thus the two last movements make use of authentic material, all arranged by me.

In the 2nd movement we are dealing with rhythmical ostinati in the instruments which go through a filtering process independently from the choir. In the 3rd movement the lyrics are split into two tracks, each accompanied by a canonic ”echo part”.

Moreover, the first track also features an element without lyrics; this especially applies to the end. The second track constantly features two soprano soloists. Here the instruments play an explicitly accompanying and supportive rôle by means of unisonous sequences in the parts as well as rhythmical ostinati.

 Lars Hegaard



2-8 instr

Solo(s) + Symphony orchestra


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