CD Release with Lykkebo piece

The Swedish pianist Carl Petersson has recorded an album with Danish piano music.

Carl Petersson's CD "Contemporary Danish Piano Music" contains rarely played and previously unrecorded piano music from the period 1949–2014,  including Finn Lykkebo’s piece ”Tableaux” (1969, revised 1978)

The CD is distributed by Naxos Records and is celebrated with a release concert August 24th, 4pm at the Royal Danish Academy of Music.

Finn Lykkebo (1937-1984) studied composition with Per Nørgård, and his short career as a composer is mostly characterised by lyrical vocal pieces. 

”Tableaux” is his only published work for piano, and consists of five movements, described as poetic pearls of precision and economy, inspired by the turn towards serialism, that spread across Europe after World War II. The musical language of ”Tableaux” is consistently atonal, and marked by an unusual degree of rhythmic complexity. Despite their expressive concentration, however, the pieces have a hint of poetic sensitivity.

Besides from Lykkebo’s work on the CD are works by Per Nørgaard and Lars Aksel Bisgaard.