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First Performance of Bent Lorentzen Opera

The 80 year old composer Bent Lorentzen has written 15 musicdramatic works, one of which has never been performed. It is the opera Der Steppenwolf, written in 1999, that will now finally receive its premiere.

Der SteppenwolfSteppeulven in Danish, is based on Herman Hesse’s cult novel of the same name. The novel deals with a search for truth in a chaotic and overstimulated world. Lorentzen has sought musical inspiration in the music of the 1920s in order to emphasize the mood of the time in which the novel is set. See trailer on YouTube.
The ambitious project presents instrumentalists and singers from The Royal Academy of Music in Aarhus and Aalborg (DJM), The Danish National Academy of Music (SDMK) and The Royal Danish Academy of Music (DKDM). Prior professor at the SDMK and lecturer at the DJM Erik Kaltoft, is repetitor for the project. The performance is arranged and put on by Lars Ole Bonde (Aalborg Universitet). Read more about the project
The performace will take place on Thursday 4 February, 19:30 in the Symphonic Hall of the Musikhuset in Aarhus. While entrance is free, tickets can be reserved here.