Great reviews of Winther Christensen's Piano Concerto

Christian Winther Christensen's 'Piano Concerto' was premiered at the Eclat Festival in Stuttgart, and was very well received by audience and critics.

Photo: Mette Kramer Kristensen
Schweizer Musikzeitung describes the work as "A tonal "de-coring", so to speak, based on the fact that the sound of the piano was electronically extremely dimmed down and manipulated externally via a keyboard. The result, however, was by no means mere caricature, but
poetry that with timid and implosive gestures was immediately touching and was met by an accordingly enthusiastic echo at the end."

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Stuttgarter Nachrichten highlights the crackling tension in the concert hall and concludes: "An incredible piece. The power of the quiet can be radical."

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'Piano Concerto' was premiered by SWR Sinfonieorchester and Rei Nakamura 10 February 2019.
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