Die Wanderin - Video

Die Wanderin - video playback 

1. Download the video file by clicking on the 'Download Ableton Set' button on the right.

2. Download a free demo version of ISADORA to run the video playback patch (the demo version is fully functionable but unable to save).


3. Audio input: The audio playback file

4. Open the Isadora file DieWanderin_video1.izz

5. cmd+G shows/hides stage on screen.

6. Press 'space' when music starts to enter video scene (initial scene is a black screen). On each footstep of the audio playback the video fades quickly up and down.


Should you have any questions please contact Niels Rønsholt: info--at--nielsroensholdt.dk




Ableton Live can be downloaded from the Ableton website.
The trial version is fully functional for 30 days.
Ableton Live can however also be run in Demo Mode. Live is fully functional in Demo mode with the exception that saving and exporting are disabled. Since these functions are not required Demo Mode will not affect running the supplied set in any way.