Emphatische Ellipse - Max Patch

A free download of Max-MSP Runtime (which is required to run the supplied patch) is available from: http://cycling74.com/downloads/

Please consult the Cycling 74 website for system requirements.


The supplied Max Patch contains both a section for recording and transforming the live trumpet sound as well as one for playback of the 5 soundfiles indicated in the tape part. 

On opening the patch follow the following procedure:

- First press preset button 1 to set the volume (top left of the patch).
- Make sure that the Audio selector (bottom right of the patch) is set to "on".
(When using Max-MSP 5 make sure the DSP-status has the right set-up for audio output via the soundcard used. This can be checked via the Options drop-down menu.)
-The soundfiles are played by pressing the number keys 1-5 on the computer keyboard and stopped by pressing 0.
-The volume for the various soundfiles can be regulated via the volume sliders underneath each sound-file.
-The three red faders (lower left) can be used for regulating sub groups should there be output through multiple speakers.
-The red faders in the centre of the patch regulate the volume of the distortion effect.
(Remember to select "Effect on" in the green effect selection box (top right).)
-To control the live distortion part drag in the indicated number box. 



A download of Max (which is required to run the supplied patch) is available from Cycling74. The trial version of Max is fully functional for 30 days. After 30 days, you can still run and edit Max patches, but you cannot save your changes without a purchased authorization. Not being able to save changes will however not affect running the supplied patch(es) in any way.