Texture 1

Max patch

All files must remain in the same folder on your computer. Below is a description of the basic features for running the software:

  • - Open the application with the title of the piece.  (Texture1_06.maxpat)
  • - In the left corner is the "start Max" - to start press the gray button that says "dsp start".
  • - Below is "IO mapping" where the correct inputs and outputs can be selected by pressing the "dsp status". Input 1=clarinet/bass clarinet, input 2=perc, input 3=piano, input 4=violin, input 5=cello. Output 1=L speaker, ouput 2=R speaker, output 3=L rear speaker, output 4=R rear speaker.
  • - Below is the "stop Max" - press "dsp stop". It stops all audio.
  • - Below is the "INIT Max" - press the circle inside the square. INIT is used before the start of a concert to restart from cue 0. - Then press forward to cue 1 and cue 2 starts the piece.
  • - Below is the "CUE" – it shows the cue that is active.
  • - Below is the "go to CUE". Press the small triangle on the left side of the square. Enter a number to obtain the desired cue number. Press enter. The next press of the spacebar / midi pedal activates the cue, which was written.

The real-time processing that is going on in the patch is rather complicated stuff, so it is recommend that you know and then close the patch both before a concert performance and sometimes while rehearsing.


A download of Max (which is required to run the supplied patch) is available from Cycling74. The trial version of Max is fully functional for 30 days. After 30 days, you can still run and edit Max patches, but you cannot save your changes without a purchased authorization. Not being able to save changes will however not affect running the supplied patch(es) in any way.