The Edition·S Catalogue

Edition·S – music¬sound¬art has a catalogue that comprises more that 2,400 works composed between the mid 19th Century and the present time by Danish composers or composers that are permanent residents in Denmark. Our catalogue includes 20th Century classics such as Carl Nielsen and H.C. Lumbye but also young, experimenting composers fresh from the Royal Danish Academy of Music. We believe in focused artistic selection, strong personal expression, visionary musical thinking and in the power of art music to make a lasting difference for those who experience it.

While a lot of composers work in traditional settings with solo, chamber, orchestral and dramatic musical forms, a growing number also drift onto other artistic scenes or come from starting points other than the traditional route provided by an academic education. They work with sound installations, electronic listening music, interactive performance, modern dance, experimental game soundtracks and more. Our catalogue presents these as well (see Digital Media for video examples).

You can perform facilitated browsing through the categories above or, if you are searching especially for solo, chamber or ensemble works, use the advanced search facility to search for compositions with specific characteristics such as instrumentation, duration, etc. Once you have located the work(s) of your interest, you can order scores and parts through our web shop.