Chamber music



Svend Hvidtfelt Nielsen: Sonate for ensemble (2007)

Instrumentation: fl, cl, fg, arpa, pno, vl, vla, vlc Duration: 5

Svend Hvidtfelt Nielsen: Music for ensemble (2007)

Instrumentation: fl, cl, fg, arpa, pno, vl, vla, vlc Duration: 20

Lars Kynde: Wriggled Squiggle (2007)

Instrumentation: trb, perc, tape Duration: 12

Steingrimur Rohloff: Archetyp II (2007)

Instrumentation: ASax, acc, cb Duration: 10

Kasper Rofelt: Circonflexe (2007)

Instrumentation: rec, xiao Duration: 5

Steingrimur Rohloff: Repercussion (2007)

Instrumentation: Fl, rec, hrp, perc Duration: 11

Steingrimur Rohloff: The Sinus Experience (2007)

Instrumentation: fl, cl, gui, pno, perc, vl, vlc Duration: 12

Niels Rønsholdt: Unter den Lidern (2007)

Instrumentation: Offstage string quartet, audio playback, lights and video Duration: 13

Simon Steen-Andersen: In Her Frown (2007)

Instrumentation: for two amplified sopranos Duration: 12

Niels Rønsholdt: Die Wanderin (2007)

Instrumentation: vl, pno, perc and audio playback Duration: 10

Ejnar Kanding: Three Colors – String Quartet No. 2 (2007)

Instrumentation: String quartet and live electronics (MaxMSP) Duration: 11

Simon Steen-Andersen: Difficulties Putting it Into Practice (for four musicians) (2007)

Instrumentation: 4 amplified musicians Duration: 12

Simon Steen-Andersen: Difficulties Putting it Into Practice (for two musicians) (2007)

Instrumentation: 2 amplified musicians Duration: 12

Klaus Ib Jørgensen: Rhapsodie der Farben (2006)

Instrumentation: cl, arpa, acc, vlc Duration: 17

Lars Hegaard: Messages from Water (2006)

Instrumentation: cl, pno, 2 vl Duration: 5

Lars Hegaard: Five Elements (2006)

Instrumentation: Wind Quintet Duration: 11

Lars Hegaard: Fantasy Pieces (2006)

Instrumentation: ob, vl, vla, vlc Duration: 11

Sven Erik Werner: VILJA-Parafrase (2006)

Instrumentation: Bcl, pno, vl, vlc Duration: 6

Jexper Holmen: ÿon versatile 3 axis cnc bench milling machine (2006)

Instrumentation: B-sax, pno, vl Duration: 7

Christian Winther Christensen: Don't look back (2006)

Instrumentation: Bcl, Btrb, pno, vl, vlc Duration: 8

Christian Winther Christensen: Heiliger Dankgesang (2006)

Instrumentation: 2 vl, vla, vlc + electronics (max/MSP patch) Duration: 10

Christian Winther Christensen: A Fall from the Perfect Ground (2006)

Instrumentation: fl, cl, pno, vl, vla, vlc Duration: 15

Ole Schmidt: Fanfare (2006)

Instrumentation: String Quartet Duration: 4

Simon Christensen: Music à 3 (2006)

Instrumentation: sax, perc, acc Duration: 12

Sven Erik Werner: Jeux de Bayeux (2006)

Instrumentation: Tfl dol, fl trav, chal Duration: 25