Jan Maegaard (1926-2012)

Jan Maegaard graduated from the Royal Academy of Music in Copenhagen (composition and theory) with Poul Schierbeck and Bjørn Hjelmborg, and as a double bass player. From 1954 he was a teacher of music history and theory at the Academy. He was on the board of the Danish section of the ISCM from 1949 to 67, and president from 1957 to 59. He has also been on the board of the Society for the Publication of Danish Music since 1958. He became Master of Arts in 1957 and studied in Los Angeles from 1958 to 59. He was then assistant professor at the University of Copenhagen, where he became full professor 1970. Dr. phil. 1972. His works include orchestral and choral music, 2 chamber concertos, chamber music, piano and organ compositions, songs.