Finn Savery Celebrates his 80th Birthday


This summer the Danish composer and musician Finn Savery celebrates his 80th birthday and we would like to mark this with the following article:

To put it simple, Finn Savery is a composer of music. But he is so much more than that. In his works he is inspired by all kinds of genres and traditions and that is what makes him so unique. He formed his own jazz band at the age of 15 after listening to Dizzy Gillespie’s and Charlie Parker’s bebop music and began composing the so-called third stream music after the encounter with Pierre Boulez and serialism. From an early age, Savery was stimulated by musical impressions from being the son of pianist and teacher C. M. Savery and from the active milieu around the Frederiksberg Folk Music High School. He studied at the Royal Academy of Music in Copenhagen from 1953-60, trained as a pianist and took lessons in instrumentation and composition for some years. Throughout his career he has been recognised as a composer who has found his own way, his own niche. The fusion between genres – and especially jazz and classical music – has made him one of Denmark’s most important composers. He is known for composing music that juxtaposes simple melodies and complex construction, tonality and atonality, classical time signatures and swinging jazz rhythms. Savery has composed solo works, chamber music and music for larger ensembles meanwhile composed music for his own jazz trio, which consists of Denmark’s finest jazz musicians.

Savery became known to the public in the 1960s when he composed the music to Ernst Bruun Olsen’s musicals Teenagerlove (1962) and Bal i den borgerlige (1966). The jazzy theatre plays were a success, which made him a household name together with his works that fusion jazz and classical music. In 2011 Finn Savery received the Carl Nielsen’s honorary prize with the words: “He is amongst the few that has found his own way, his own language in the area between the genres. Finn Savery has shed light and clear colours on a difficult-to-access ground.

On July 24, 2013 Finn Savery turns 80 years old and this will be celebrated in June and throughout the autumn. On June 16, 2013 at 3 pm the first birthday concert takes place at Jægerspris Castle in the Rebecca hall, where Savery will perform himself (piano) together with Mads Vinding (bass), Claus Kaarsgaard (bass), Jens Stoklund (drums) and Ensemble Frederikssund. On the programme are: Et Vejr-skiftende (2012, premiere), Strygekvartet nr. 3 (1990), 3 Danske sange,

 Kvintet for guitar og strygekvartet (1993) and Interplay (1991).

Thursday October 10, 2013 Savery visits “Ny Musik i Birkerød” for a talk about his work as a composer.

On Sunday October 27, 2013 “Ny Musik i Birkerød” and Edition Borup-Jørgensen host a birthday concert with a programme full of Finn Savery’s music performed by Ensemble MidtVest. On the programme are: Tre Afsnit for klaver (1966-72), Strygekvartet nr. 3 "Egne veje" (1990), Trio for clarinet, cello and piano (1999), Inventioner for klaver (1-9) (2007, premiere), Spil Rum Rockvignet (1989) and Variations for clarinet and string quartet (2003).

For the rest of the year 2013 it is possible to rent / buy all of Finn Savery's works with a 50 % discount! Contact for more info.