Next to Beside Besides #7

Amplified piano solo with whammy pedal
A4, 8 pages


Next To Beside Besides is a series of ‘translations’ of the piece Beside Besides for solo cello, which is itself a modification of the ending of the piece Besides for three amplified and three muted instruments. The translations take into account the parts of the original composition that were conceived of with a focus on the gestures of the movements producing the sound – a kind of choreographic translation. All translations can be played together in any combination simultaneously as duos, trios, etc. up to ensemble pieces. The only versions that I recommend playing solo (unless for a specific conceptual or dramaturgical reason) are #0 and #1. Different combinations can be played after each other as movements or between other pieces in a concert as ritornellos, but one should look for maximum variation in the order or build-up in order to avoid the feeling of repeating a piece. Combinations with video (preferably including different versions for the same player) are called Self-Reflecting Next To Beside Besides. Ideally the instruments should sit in a line to emphasise the parallel movements. The piece may be played with a click track.

Feel free to contact the composer to discuss the possibilities of a given instrumentation or setup, including amplification and staging.

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