Colonies Samples

The samples for Colonies (collected in a .zip file) can be downloaded by clicking on the “Download Max Patch” button to the right.

- 62 electronic sounds are used in the piece. They are to be triggered by a pianist sitting in the orchestra at a keyboard.
- The pitches of the “sampler-part” do not represent any sounding pitches what so ever. They merely mark the entries of the electronic sounds.
- A keyboard with 88 keys is necessary, which can load one setting (bank) of samples.
- The samples are numbered as in the diagram above
- The sounds are to be programmed as such, that when a new sound is triggered, the previous sound fades out within one second.
- The sound technicians (composers, conductors, musicians - whoever is performing and producing this piece) are encouraged to apply a “fake-quadrophony” at sounds which are likely to have a great spatial effect, such as very grainy sounds. Here the sounds can be moved around the audience at will, still having focus on the front speakers.
- The overall balance between orchestra and electronic sounds should be 1:1 or rather 60% orchestra to 40% sounds.


A download of Max (which is required to run the supplied patch) is available from Cycling74. The trial version of Max is fully functional for 30 days. After 30 days, you can still run and edit Max patches, but you cannot save your changes without a purchased authorization. Not being able to save changes will however not affect running the supplied patch(es) in any way.