Limbo - between humans

Limbo  –  chamber opera for 2 singers, sinfonietta, electronics/soundtrack (and optional video)

Limbo is a chamber opera inspired by the Danish author Ole Sarvig’s 1963 novel of the same name. 

The Libretto is written by the Russian author Anna Plichkounova. The idea for the opera arose out of a conversation between Plichkounova and Wu about life as a foreigner in Denmark; which can be, as in Sarvig’s novel, a split existence. The theme is inspired by Sarvig but the telling of the story  is personal. As in the novel we meet a person split in two - the physical universe, controlled by facts and rationality and the emotional, driven by irrationality and inner voices. The two singers present the often conflicting dimensions of this person’s world in which a balance is sought after.