Don’t look back

Bcl, Btrb, pno, vl, vlc
2-8 instr
A3, 24 pages


An alternative version for trumpet instead of bass trombone is also available.

* * *

In Don't look back it is the melancholy feeling and the display of human decline and weakness that lie latent beneath this modernist gesture. The title expresses a clear, pure message about not being tempted to turn one's head a last time to look back, but keeping the focus on the now and what is to come. The music, on the other hand, wants to go the other way, and with its clear melancholy descent almost strives for the unattainable and towards the end, which is physically illustrated by the way the trombone must in the end let go of its crook. Thus a contrast arises which tries to tempt the listener to turn towards the past and look at its unattainable beauty, while at the same time its title refuses to do so. With this dialectical relationship between two statements the work demands that the listener make his or her own decision about what the truth may be, if truth is to be found at all in this world.

Nicolai Worsaae Rasmussen, 2008


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