Anorexia sacra

Line Tjørnhøj
5 female voices, 1 male voice + double-bass
Music drama and stage music
A4, 84 pages


The highly acclaimed scenic concerto Anorexia Sacra discusses and reflects on the phenomenon of anorexia. The story, told by five women’s and one man’s voice plus cello, refers to the nun Clara (1194-1253) who built a cloister in San Damiano in Italy and founded the order of the Clares, where the sisters practised an extreme form of asceticism; Clara showed the way by starving herself to death and achieving the status of a saint. Tjørnhøj’s libretto combines the saint’s notes with the web corre­spon­dence of anorexic girls of our own time. The work was recognized as best chamber opera at the American Opera Vista festival in 2009. The Houston Chronicle wrote enthusiastically: Anorexia Sacra is a masterpiece and will forever set the standard as a work far ahead of its time in both substance and in excellence as a musical masterwork."

Anorexia Sacra



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