Line Tjørnhøj
Vox Dox No. 1
Sound stream (available on CD upon request)
Electronic listening music

Daughter is the first of 12 electro-acoustic compositions in which Tjørnhøj experiments with the relationship between reportage and voice in a so-called vox:dox production. The story is about a so-called honour killing: the daughter is raped by her brothers and her mother kills her to preserve the family honour (!). The idea behind the vox:dox pieces is to investigate the essence of motherhood through 12 selected and adapted stories with related themes. ”Movements like 'Daughter' from 'Vox:dox' confirm in a few seconds that electro-acoustic composition can be not only relevant but also apt and highly effective in communicating states of mind not previously reflected in the classical vocal repertoire” (Danish Arts Foundation in connection with the award of a three-year stipend in 2010).


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