Tomorrow's Child

Line Tjørnhøj
A documentary opera monologue
Female voice, vlc, tape and live electronics
Music drama and stage music

A documentary opera monologue about humanity for cello, singer, sampler, electronics and video. The themes are death and love in the context of war crimes committed in Bosnia. The composer says her­self: ”Death has a sound, the sound of the human voice, an untrained, raw and penetrating sound from the human essence. Not many people have access to the whole spectre of the human voice and not many can bring it on to the stage unspoiled. We come close to conversation and break the rules of opera.” The compositional process behind Tomorrow’s Child was a process-oriented collaboration between Tjørn­høj, the photographer and film director Jürgen Diemer and the English cellist and vocal performer Zoë Martlew. The production lasts for several days during which the participants improvise small sequen­ces in a conceptual framework open for audiences or passers-by. The context is defined by Tjørnhøj, who gradually puts the pieces together as a coherent work.