Patchwork Musik – Isfjeldet

Mette Nielsen
Educational music
A4, 25 pages


Patchwork Musik is not written for specific instruments but rather in a range of different versions that suit many instruments. When purchasing the work, please specify in the order comments which version(s) you would like to buy.

1. Instrument in C, treble clef
2. Instrument in C, bass clef (high octave)
3. Instrument in C, bass clef (low octave)
4. Instrument in C, alto clef
5. Instrument in Bb, treble clef
6. Instrument in A, treble clef
7. Instrument in Eb, treble clef
8. Instrument in F, treble clef (high octave)
9. Instrument in F, treble clef (low octave)
10. Instrument in C, treble and bass clef (unison)
11. Instrument in C, treble and bass clef (melody + accompaniment)

Each page of the book is divided into four sections which can be turned individually. The musician is therefore able to create their own piece. Each version consists of twelve melodic parts (no. 1–12), two noise parts (no. 13–14), and one part consisting of rests (no. 0).

When one as a music teacher works with ensembles consisting of young music school pupils, it is often difficult to find new music written for a flexible instrumentation. It has also proven difficult to find material for beginners’ ensembles that both challenges the older students while still being suitable for the younger students in the ensemble.
 As the instrumentation of the ensemble often changes, the material usually requires some adjustment from year to year.

My idea with the piece was partly to give the students some kind of ownership over the music they play, and partly to challenge them to compose with the building blocks themsleves. 

The composer Mette Nielsen fortunately also liked the idea, and so I got her to create the 14 building blocks for the piece.

The blocks have been written with progressive levels of difficulty level in mind, making it possible to vary the level depending on which blocks are played. New pieces can be created for students with varying skill levels while still managing to challenge the strongest students – it all depends on which blocks the students choose to play. Some of the blocks contain more difficult melodies, while others have a more accompaniment-like character. Mette has also added two “noise parts” where the students must themselves find the sound(s) for the parts.

The result is a work can be created entirely on the students’ own terms.

Anne Fontenay


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