Talk · Birgitte Alsted · My Life in Music

Birgitte Alsted will talk about her life in music at SMK - Statens Museum for Kunst on Wednesday 25 November.

Birgitte Alsted. Photo: Frank Borchorst
SMK - The National Gallery of Denmark currently shows the exhibition 'Unboxing The Goodiepal Collection' displaying one of the largest collections of sound art in Europe. The owner of the collection is the Faroese composer and artist Goodiepal, and included in his collection is a draft of Birgitte Alsted's piano piece Skildpadden drømmer - hvad? On that occasion, Birgitte Alsted has been invited to talk about her life in music.

Birgitte Alsted writes: "I have known Goodiepal for many years and throughout the years I have been excited about (almost all) his original ideas, statements and other manifestations. Their surprising, thought-prickling and visual perspectives have caused smiles in many shapes and sizes. If anyone can be said to live artisticly in an extremely peculiar way it is him. Therefore it is an honour to be given the space for some of my own - a particularly overdrawn draft page of my piano piece, Skildpadden drømmer - hvad? in Goodiepal's exhibition. AND - to elaborate - he has invited me to "lecture" about "my life in music" this Wednesday."

Birgitte Alsted has been an important figure in Danish music for five decades as a violinist, composer, co-founder of 'Group for Alternative Music', active member of 'Women in Music' and much more.

Birgitte Alsted: Mit liv i musikken
Wednesday 25 November, 17:00
Statens Museum for Kunst, Copenhagen (DK)
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