Educate·S - New Music for Music Schools

Edition·S has launched a series of instrumental works with pieces specially composed for music school students.

The series consists of collections of pieces composed by 10 contemporary composers. In order to ensure that the pieces fit in with the intended user-group, the composers have been working in close dialogue with an editorial team. The first two volumes, one for piano and one for violin, was published early January 2016.

The composers featured in the series are Birgitte Alsted, Simon Christensen, Fuzzy, Eva Noer KondrupIb Nørholm, Morten Olsen, Kasper Rofelt, Martin Stauning, Line Tjørnhøj og Nicolai Worsaae

The editiorial group for the two series are Østen Mikal Ore, Mette Rasmussen, Kuno Kjærbye and Anders Brødsgaard.

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NB: From 5 January to 15 February, 2017 we have a launch discount of 33 % to all music schools for each book and 50 % discount for purchases of more than 20 books. Please contact sales@edition· for more information.