Educate·S · Pieces for Piano recorded

Educate·S 'Pieces for Piano' has been released by Dacapo Records with performing artist Jonathan Siahaan

Educate·S derives from the idea that contemporary composers are played in the music schools so that the student can experience more recent works themselves. Pieces for Piano is the first Educate·S collection to be recorded. On Dacapo Records' album, Pieces for Piano is performed by soloist class student Jonathan Siahaan from the Royal Danish Academy of Music.

Each Educate·S consists of 10 pieces by 10 contemporary composers. In Pieces for Piano one finds works by Birgitte AlstedSimon ChristensenFuzzyEva Noer KondrupIb NørholmMorten OlsenKasper RofeltMartin StauningLine Tjørnhøj, and Nicolai Worsaae.

Pieces for Piano cover

Listen to Pieces for Piano here

Educate·S is a series of collected works suited for teaching purposes that is founded on the tradition in which contemporary composers wrote music in order to consecrate music students in their musical experiences and recognitions. In their time, Bach, Brahms, and Bartók composed music in a condensed form, in which pedagogical regards and artistic ambitions emerged in order for children and young people to explore their musical worlds. In order to ensure that the pieces fit the intended user-group, the composers have been working with an editorial team and received feedback from music school teachers during the process. 

Educate·S consists of pieces for pianoviolinpercussionguitaraccordion, and cello

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