Else Marie Pade's works will be compiled at Edition·S

Throughout her career, the Danish composer Else Marie Pade was never represented by any music publisher, but now all of her works are being compiled at Edition·S. Late in her life, she was recognised as a pioneer in the field of electronic music, but an examination of her oeuvre shows that she was much more than that.

Else Marie Pade (Photo: Lisbeth Damgaard)
There is no complete list of Else Marie Pade's (1924-2016) works, and therefore a comprehensive musical investigation is taking place at Edition·S at the moment. Graphic scores, tape reels, orchestra parts and diary notes from the private archives of composer Else Marie Pare are being scrutinized, restored and digitized as they are handed over to the publisher by the composer's heirs. 

Composer and lecturer Hans Peter Stubbe Teglbjærg is involved in the restoration and digitization of Pade's many tape reels, and in his opinion, the material motivates to the re-writing of Else Marie Pade's musical history in a new and far more extensive version.

"The story that will be told about her from now on should include that she was an extraordinarily multi-faceted composer, who worked meticulously with the music and with sound regardless of the media or genre. It is thoroughly composed music," Hans Peter Stubbe Teglbjærg says and continues: "It turns out that there are graphic scores to more or less all her electronic pieces. They are very personal, very clear and thoroughly composed, so they are easy to follow and explicit in every way. It is wonderful material."

In the late 1990s Else Marie Pade got a well deserved - however late - breakthrough with her electronic music, but her oeuvre contains a large amount of other interesting material.

Read more about the examination of Else Marie Pade's works in our interview with Hans Peter Stubbe Teglbjærg here.

Craphic score for Else Marie Pade's 'Faust'.
Musician, PhD and lecturer Henrik Marstal recently finished writing the book Else Marie Pade, which will be published at Multivers in March 2019. He has also looked through the diary notes, scores etc. which Edition·S has received from the heirs so far, and he comments: "The material from Else Marie Pade's private archive shows a composer with a more extensive and more complex activity than previously assumed."

Among the material that has now been handed over to Edition·S are a number of ensemble and orchestra works, graphic scores, small compositions written for children, large compositions combining live instruments and electronics, quirky radio plays, TV ballets and much more.

At Edition·S we are looking very much forward to making Else Marie Pade's works available for musicians, ensembles and others with an interest in her work. CEO Henrik Rørdam says: "It is our most important task to promote Danish music at a high artistic level, and we work with the cultural heritage in this field alongside the contemporary novelties. This means that we are very proud to include Else Marie Pade's works in the catalogue of Edition·S.

In the time to come Else Marie Pade's recordings and scores will be digitized and made available to listen to and read through at www.edition-s.dk. Afterwards, the original material will be handed over to The Royal Danish Library.

The publication of Else Marie Pade’s works is made possible through the support from Koda’s Cultural Funds (Danish Music Publishers Association and DJBFA), the Sonning Foundation and the Danish Arts Foundation. 

Graphic score for Else Marie Pade's 'Maria'

Upcoming events
Some of the 're-found' Else Marie Pade material is put into play at the upcoming PULSAR Festival 2019 at The Royal Danish Academy of Music.

Sunday, 10 March 16:00
Else Marie Pade: Sept pièces en couleurs. Suite for chamber orchestra (1953)
Concert Hall, Royal Danish Academy of Music
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Monday, 11 March 21:15
Book release of Else Marie Pade written by Henrik Marstal published by Multivers
Studiefoyeren, Royal Danish Academy of Music
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Monday, 11 March 22:00
Else Marie Pade: Afsnit I - II - III for violin and tape (1960)
Ny Sal, Royal Danish Academy of Music
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Wednesday, 13 March 17:00
Else Marie Pade: Maria (1969-70)
Grundtvig's Church, Copenhagen
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During fall 2019 The Lake Radio will produce a podcast series introducing unknown and forgotten aspects of Else Marie Pade.