Gunnar Berg’s Gaffky’s performed in its entirety

Gaffky’s is among the most voluminous manifestations in the Danish piano literature in the second half of the twentieth century. The major solo piano work has only been performed in its entirety once. On 1 October Jonas Olsson takes it on.

Steffen Schleiermacher performs Gaffky's I 
Gunnar Berg’s Gaffky’s consists of 10 movements, each consisting of 10 smaller parts. The piece composed in 1959 represents the climax in Gunnar Berg’s endeavours to create music in which structure and content is one and the same. 

In 1964 Béatrice Berg performed all 10 movements, and the critic from the Danish newspaper Politiken wrote: “That 100 pieces that are so ascetic and so much alike in terms of style and timbre manages to keep the unabated attention of the audience for two hours is an absolute rarity. The work of a master.”

Jonas Olsson who now takes on this major work has established himself as one of the most adventurous pianists in the Scandinavian new music scene today, and is praised by composers and critics alike for fearless programming and highly refined interpretations of a large range of music. 

Peruse the score of Gaffky's here.

Bacteria and music
The title of the piece holds a rather unusual reference. Gunnar Berg named the piece after the German bacteriologist Georg Theodor August Gaffky (1859-1918) the man behind the Gaffky scale - a numeric rating for the classification of bacteria. The idea of microscopic germs unfolding in various categories is a basic thought behind the ten movements of Gaffky’s.

Monday 1 October 19:30
Frederiksberg/Copenhagen (DK)
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