Matias Vestergård Hansen: Lisbon Floor


Matias Vestergård Hansen: Lisbon Floor

Experience a curious and humorous dystopia, complete with hostile mould blotches, an artificial uterus and a house plant jungle, when 7 roommates move onto the ‘Lisbon Floor’ - a derelict luxury high-rise apartment block that has definitely seen better days.

The newly written lyrical work was created by composer Matias Vestergård in co-operation with author and librettist Lea Marie Løppenthin and the British director Natascha Metherell. With an ensemble of seven characters in numerous comical entanglements, ‘Lisbon Floor’ pays homage to a classic Mozartian style, whilst at the same time, toying with the traditional conventions of opera.

In this dark and surreal three-act opera comedy, ‘Lisbon Floor’ is the name of the floor in an unusually high luxury apartment building, in which the story unfolds. The storeys above the 49th floor have been named after capital cities, to prevent the residents feeling insecure at the potentially dizzying heights.