Reviews · KLANG Festival 2021

KLANG Festival 2021 kicked off on 27 May with many world premieres on the programme.

Athelas Sinfonietta performing Mads Emil Dreyer's 'Miniature 3'. Photo: Alexander Banck-Petersen

Mads Emil Dreyer's 'Miniature 3' was premiered by Athelas Sinfonietta at the opening concert of KLANG festival 2021. The critic from the Danish newspaper Politiken wrote: 

"Mads Emil Dreyer opened with the work 'Miniature 3' where airy electronic sounds merged with delicate bells, tender wind instruments and subtle strings into timbral figures, submerging the room in a more and more intense, dreamlike soundscape." 

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The magazine KLASSISK also praised Dreyer's work. Their critic wrote: 

"The best - and most original - work was Mads Emil Dreyer's Miniature 3, where he has continued to develop on his great interest in combining electronic and acoustic sounds [...] The compositional technique is a refined combination of very simple harmonies and extremely complicated rhythmical displacements in the orchestra."

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Jeppe Ernst: 'Sakramente (Natsange)'. Photo: Alexander Banck-Petersen.

Jeppe Ernst's 'Sakramente (Natsange)' was premiered by Erica Giacoletto, Kalle Hakosalo, Matias Seibæk and Tomek Szczepaniak. A critic from Seismograf was present and wrote: 

"Sakramente (Natsange)' by body-composer Jeppe Ernst simmers with posthumanism: bodies, moving as if they were programmed in metronome-tight synchronicity, pre-determined to create imitations, mirrorings and counterpoints."

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