Save 25% on percussion music

We are counting down to the very first Edition·S performance in 2022 ... (drumroll) ... Steingrímur Rohloff's Repercussion (2007) is performed 19 January 2022, and on that occasion we offer a 25% discount on a selection of works with a focus on percussion!  

In our catalogue you'll find Simon Steen-Andersen's Next to Beside Besides #4 + #11. Next To Beside Besides is a series of choreographic translations of Steen-Andersen's piece Beside Besides for solo cello. The translations take into account the parts of the original composition that were conceived of with a focus on the gestures of the movements producing the sound. Next To Beside Besides #4 is scored for snare drum. #11 is scored for amplified vibraphone. 

You will also find Henning Christiansen's Dialectic Evolution I, Op. 16a written for 5, 7 or 11 percussionists, Ejnar Kanding's tonlos Los tonlos for tam-tam and live electronics exploring the sound of the tam-tam from the inaudible to the extremely loud, Ylva Lund Bergner's B-so-R including stroller wheels, office lamps, tea light cups and much more.

For educational purposes take a look at our anthology  Educate·S - pieces for percussion comprising 10 pieces by contemporary composers written for young percussionists and music school students.