Management & Board

Edition·S is run by a board that is appointed for a 4-year period.

John Frandsen (chair), appointed June 2019
Composer, organist and music producer. He has many years’ experience in Danish music-life organisations, such as chairman of the Danish Composers’ Society, president of the Council of Nordic Composers, member of KODA’s executive committee, chairman of Danish Arts Foundation, and vice-chairman of Danish Agency for Culture.

Helene Gjerris (deputy chair), appointed December 2017

Professor and head of the Voice Department at The Royal Danish Academy of Music. She pursues an active career as a singer of opera, lied and oratorio. Furthermore, an important part of her career has centred around modern compositional music, including a large number of first performances and CD recordings.

Maria Frej, appointed December 2019
Administrative director of Malmö Live. She has in-depth experience of classical music, also via her former positions as member of the project support committee for music of Danish Arts Foundation, head of music at Tivoli, leader of Storstrøms Kammerensemble, chairperson for the genre organisation SNYK, etc. She is furthermore an active cultural politician, also holding a post on the Copenhagen City Council.

Jens Cornelius, appointed December 2018
Graduated in musicology. He is a programme staffworker on DR’s classical music radio channel P2 and a programme writer for the Danish National Symphony Orchestra and the Danish National Vocal Ensemble. He is also a freelance journalist with special emphasis on Danish music and the history of Danish music. He has written a biography of the composer Ludolf Nielsen and is editor of the book series Danish Composers for the publisher Multivers.

Morten Walderhaug, appointed March 2019
Adviser and project developer. He was artistic director and administrative leader of Bærum Kulturhus in Oslo 2008-2021 and has held positions as director of the Oslo Philharmonic, Norwegian Music Information and European Capital of Culture Bergen 2000, etc. He qualified from the Bergen Academy of Music and also has university qualifications in social anthropology and the history of ideas. Furthermore, he sits on executive committees for Norwegian and international cultural institutions.