Who we are & what we do

Edition·S – music¬sound¬art publishes art music for the classical and experimental music scene. We represent our composers through the publication of scores, parts, electronic media, graphic formats and rights and promotion. Our music services are available worldwide.

Target Groups

Our main customers and partners are professionals on the global classical and experimental music scene. We work with musicians, conductors, ensembles, orchestras, festivals, record companies, producers, media & technology innovators and art music presenters across all continents.


Our catalogue comprises more than 2,000 works composed between the mid 19th Century and the present time by Danish composers or composers that are permanent residents in Denmark. Our catalogue includes 20th Century classics such as Carl Nielsen, but also young, experimenting composers fresh from the music academies. Browse through our catalogue here.

Musical profile

We believe in focused artistic selection, strong personal expression, visionary musical thinking and in the power of art music to make a lasting difference for those who experience it.

Talent development

Empowering young, talented artists to live a professional life on the art music scene is one of our main objectives and therefore we enter working-relationships with composers from an early age to ensure the talent of future generations.

Embracing it all

We embrace in principle a composer’s entire artistic output, also when this reaches beyond the boundaries of what is traditionally seen as music. While a lot of composers work in traditional settings with solo, chamber, orchestral and dramatic musical forms, a growing number also drift onto other artistic scenes or come from starting points other than the traditional route provided by an academic education. They work with sound installations, electronic listening music, interactive performance, modern dance, experimental game soundtracks and more. And as the art scene thus changes, as the artists move along, so do we.


Edition·S publications are supported by the Danish Arts Foundation.
Edition·S udgivelser er støttet af Statens Kunstfond.