1. Great review for Gísladóttir


    Great review for Gísladóttir

    3. December 2021

    "Everything about it was elemental, eternal, indomitable." - The music blog 5:4 reviews Bára Gísladóttir's 'Animals of your pasture'.

  2. Praise for Rønsholdt


    Praise for Rønsholdt

    29. November 2021

    Two Niels Rønsholdt albums were released in November just one week apart, and as different as they are, both albums are receiving great reviews

  3. Musikalske aftryk - Ingeborg Okkels


    Musikalske aftryk - Ingeborg Okkels

    25. November 2021

    Ingeborg Okkels wrote the chapter about graphic notation in the book 'Musikalske aftryk' and in this video she speaks about the "Zen moment" in graphic notation.

  4. Evagoras Apokidis World Premiere


    Evagoras Apokidis World Premiere

    24. November 2021

    Evagoras Solias Apokidis' work Morphes is premiered by the RDAM Symphony Orchestra conducted by Thomas Søndergård on 26 November at the RDAM Annual Gala Concert.

  5. Simon Christensen: KNOH!


    Simon Christensen: KNOH!

    18. November 2021

    Duo KlettWood premieres a new piece by Simon Christensen on 21 November

  6. Niels Rønsholdt Country Album


    Niels Rønsholdt Country Album

    18. November 2021

    With 'Country', Niels Rønsholdt reimages the country genre as a concerto for singing solo cellist and chamber orchestra. On Friday 15 November the work is released as an album.

  7. Niels Rønsholdt Album Release


    Niels Rønsholdt Album Release

    11. November 2021

    Niels Rønsholdt's solo piano piece Archive of Emotions and Experiences, Book 1: Birds, is released at Dacapo Records on Friday 12 November. The work is recorded by the Greek pianist Lenio Liatsou.

  8. Nicolai Worsaae World Premiere


    Nicolai Worsaae World Premiere

    9. November 2021

    Nicolai Worsaae’s ‘PUSH’ will be premiered by the Danish National Vocal Ensemble on Friday 12 November.

  9. Casper Hernández Cordes 50 years today


    Casper Hernández Cordes 50 years today

    9. November 2021

    Casper Hernández Cordes is centering his artistic research on interactions between human beings and their surroundings. Today the Danish composer turns 50.

  10. Line Tjørnhøj Portrait


    Line Tjørnhøj Portrait

    3. November 2021

    A portrait concert on 5 November gives an insight into the musical and dramatic universe of Line Tjørnhøj.

  11. Lars Kynde 40 years today


    Lars Kynde 40 years today

    3. November 2021

    Lars Kynde delights in creating the instruments on which his compositions are played - in fact in many of his works these two aspects of music-making are not so easily separated. Today, 3 November, the imaginative composer turns 40.

  12. Birgitte Alsted in podcast series


    Birgitte Alsted in podcast series

    2. November 2021

    Birgitte Alsted participates in the podcast ‘Hvert år i oktober’ (Every year in October) revolving around subjects of death, grief and dealing with big feelings in an artistic output.

  13. Århus Sinfonietta Anniversary Concert


    Århus Sinfonietta Anniversary Concert

    30. October 2021

    Århus Sinfonietta celebrates its 30th anniversary with a festive anniversary concert on 31 October. Included in the programme are works by Allan Gravgaard Madsen and Svend E. Nielsen.

  14. Ejnar Kanding Single Release


    Ejnar Kanding Single Release

    28. October 2021

    Ejnar Kanding's Nordic Broken is released as a digital single on Friday 29 October in a recording featuring Messiaen Quartet Copenhagen.

  15. Simon Steen-Andersen World Premiere


    Simon Steen-Andersen World Premiere

    25. October 2021

    In his new work 'TRANSIT', Simon Steen-Andersen embarks on a journey through the deepest and innermost parts of the tuba. He turns the inside of the large instrument into a film set in front of a live audience.

  16. Bára Gísladóttir World Premiere


    Bára Gísladóttir World Premiere

    22. October 2021

    The Belgian contemporary music festival, TRANSIT, sets the scene for the world premiere of Bára Gísladóttir's new ensemble piece: Animals of your pasture.

  17. Mads Emil Dreyer performances in London


    Mads Emil Dreyer performances in London

    19. October 2021

    Works by Mads Emil Dreyer will be performed at the prominent chamber music society 22 Mansfield Street in London.

  18. Steingrímur Rohloff selected for International Rostrum of Composers

    nominations / awards

    Steingrímur Rohloff selected for International Rostrum of Composers

    11. October 2021

    Every year at the International Rostrum of Composers, radio networks from all across the world meet to point out the best contemporary music works. Steingrímur Rohloff has been selected as the representative of Denmark.

  19. Morten Olsen World Premiere


    Morten Olsen World Premiere

    1. October 2021

    Athelas Sinfonietta has transformed into a smaller version of itself: Athelas dim for two upcoming concerts of chamber music.