As a customer on www.edition-s.dk your contractual partner is:

Edition·S – music¬sound¬art
Worsaaesvej 19, 5.
DK-1972 Frederiksberg C
VAT No. DK1331 4179
Legal business name: Dacapo Edition·S


www.edition-s.dk is a professional website, which is primarily addressed to ensembles and orchestras, dealers of sheet music, libraries and others with a professional interest in music.

Private clients can also buy products via our webshop.

Business clients are defined as clients that have a VAT- or EAN-number, i.e. dealers of sheet music, libraries, public or private institutions.

Private clients are defined as clients acting as individuals not in possession of a VAT number. You are therefore a private client if you, for example, as a professional musician purchase sheet music for your own use.


Sheet music purchased on www.edition-s.dk is delivered by post unless specifically stated in the catalogue-text connected to the specific product, or unless the PDF option is selected at checkout.

Sheet music intended for performance by large ensembles or orchestras is not normally for sale but delivered on a rental basis. See Rental materials.


Payment can be made by credit card or via international bank transfer on the basis of a preceding special arrangement. If you wish to make use of the latter possibility please send an e-mail to our sales department or call us on (+45) 3313 5445. Or consult the recipe on checkout of the webshop.

The invoiced amount will be billed to your credit card at the time of invoicing (usually the next Monday after shipping the music).

Card transactions are handled by Quickpay (www.quickpay.net), which is PCI-certified at the highest level. All card transactions take place via SSL-encryption and data entry takes place via so-called PSP-integration.


Business clients can under special circumstances be offered an individually tailored credit-agreement whereby they are not required to pay in advance for goods ordered on www.edition-s.dk. Edition·S determines the conditions for such a credit agreement, including terms, credit period and eventual restrictions. If a client with a credit agreement exceed these conditions the agreement will be revoked without warning and the full amount be due for immediate payment. There will furthermore no longer exist the possibility of entering a credit-agreement between the client and Edition·S. See more details and apply under your personal profile page.


All prices are excluding general sales tax/VAT. On invoicing 25% will be added to the price unless the client has an EU VAT number or resides outside the EU.

Prices for rental materials are given as price per performance.


Prices are in Danish Kroner (DKK). It is however possible to see the prices in American Dollars (USD) or Euros (EUR). Prices shown in EUR and USD are meant as guidelines for your convenience and are not contractually binding.


Dealer discount

Edition·S offers a general dealer discount of 25%. In order to obtain a dealer discount you should either apply for it at Edition·S, have an EU-VAT number or, in the case of residence outside of the EU, through other means be able to document your status as a dealer. A profile should also be created on www.edition-s.dk. If you wish to learn more or apply for a dealer discount please send an e-mail to our sales department or call us on (+45) 3313 5445.

Discount on rental materials

Amateur orchestras are entitled to a 50% discount on rental materials.

There can furthermore also be given a further discount for more than one performance within the same production as well as in connection with auditions etc. 

When you place an order for rental materials on www.edition-s.dk, you will also be given the possibility of supplying us with the relevant information required for establishing the nature of an eventual discount.

If you have questions please contact our rental department.


A handling fee of DKK 35.00 is added to all consignments.


On delivery within the EU national customs authorities can require customs and sales tax on consignments. Edition·S is not responsible for whether or not the national customs authorities require this amount. In certain cases the customs authorities charge the amount to the transporter who in turn collects it from the customer.


A credit card fee is charged the amount, which depends on the various credit card suppliers. Edition·S does not add any advance on these charges.


You can choose to shop at www.edition-s.dk as a one-time client without creating a profile. If you are a returning customer we advise you to create a profile since this will make future purchases in the webshop quicker.

Business clients are required to have a profile.

You shop by choosing one or more items from the webshop and placing them in the shopping basket by clicking on the icon. Once you move to checkout you will receive a resumé of your order as well as a calculation of the shipping costs.

If you have created a client profile your personal data will appear. You can change your personal information if necessary or write a comment relevant to your order.

Business clients must provide their VAT number.

Clients from the public sector that require an electronic invoice must provide their EAN-number.

Once you have accepted the terms of trade you will be sent further to payment and can complete the transaction. The order confirmation can be printed from the screen. An invoice will be included with the goods when they are sent.

There is no binding trade-agreement with www.edition-s.dk until you have received a confirmation of your order.

Goods are sent within 8 workdays of the order being placed. Exceptions can arise with complicated orders, goods that need to be reprinted or with delays in production as a result of machine breakdowns, electricity cuts or other similar circumstances. In such cases you will be contacted directly by our sales department.


If you wish to cancel or annul an order that has already been placed please send us an e-mail titled “cancellation”, with details about the time at which the order was placed as well as the order number. If you already have received an order confirmation by e-mail this can be replied to with the text “cancellation” in the title field. We will confirm your cancellation by e-mail within a maximum of two workdays, on the proviso of illness, holidays and leave. In such cases we will confirm your cancellation as soon as possible. If you are in doubt as to whether your cancellation has been received you can always contact us by calling our sales department on telephone (+45) 3313 5445.


You have 14 days in which to revoke an order. If you wish to return sheet music on this basis it should be posted in the same state it was received and at your own cost. The invoice should be enclosed. If the returned goods fulfill the requirements stated above you will be reimbursed within 30 days for the postage costs according to the Consumer Act § 12c.

For PDF downloads the right of return no longer applies as soon as the file(s) has been made available to download.


You have 24 months in which to invoke lack of conformity. If you receive sheet music differently from what you have ordered, or are the goods damaged, you should file a complaint as soon as possible. This can be done by sending an e-mail to our sales department, calling (+45) 3313 5445, showing up at our business address at Worsaaesvej 19 or returning the goods. If we have sent you the wrong or damaged goods we will replace them with new copies or in the case they are sold out or unavailable on other grounds, we will refund the amount paid as well as eventual postage costs involved in returning the goods, though with a maximum of what amounts to the Danish postal service’s or your national postal carrier’s standard rates.


If your goods are damaged on receiving them please contact us as soon as possible via e-mail to our sales department or phoning us on +45 3313 5445. Please give your web order number (which can be found on your invoice). We will attempt to find the quickest possible solution for providing you with new sheet music.


The same conditions of sale apply as those for consumer clients though with the following modification:

There is no right of cancellation for business clients.


Parts for ensemble and orchestral works are not normally for sale, but are made available on a rental basis for planned performances. This means that the sheet music is sent to the client on the basis of specifically agreed upon terms and on the condition that the materials are returned once they have been used.

If you have a profile on www.edition-s.dk, it is possible to place an order for rental materials directly from the webshop. You can type in a number of key points about the work whereafter you will receive notification from our rental department, which will possibly request supplementary information. Once the case has been handled and the final rental price determined, payment will take place with credit card via the webshop. Hereafter the material will be sent on the date agreed upon.

Should you have any questions please contact our rental department.


Sheet music bought via www.edition-s.dk may be copied for strictly private use or by professional musicians for normal use in rehearsals, perusal for colleagues etc. Systematic copying and distribution of sheet music, for both private and professional use, is forbidden in accordance with the law and international conventions on copyright.


Personal information

If you have created a profile on www.edition-s.dk, we will store certain aspects of your personal data.

By accepting the conditions of trade and delivery you accept at the same time www.edition-s.dk’s policy on the use of personal data, which is as follows:

You can delete your profile at any point. Herewith all stored data will be automatically deleted.

The data we store is the following: your name, full address, e-mail, VAT number, EAN-number, as well as a record of the goods you previously have bought.  We store the data for a period of 5 years according to the requirements of the law on book keeping. Hereafter the data is deleted unless you in the interim have created a new order, in which case the storage is extended for a further 5 years.

Information entered on www.edition-s.dk is not passed on or sold to third parties.

If you have requested an electronic newsletter we will use the e-mail address you have provided for this purpose.

As a registered client on www.edition-s.dk you have, in accordance with the law on personal data, the right to at any point object to the registration of personal data, including the right to request that it is deleted as well as be given insight into which data has been registered. Enquiries of this nature should be directed to our sales department, whereafter we will do our outmost to fulfill your request within 14 days.

Credit card information

Your credit card information is stored by Quickpay, if you have selected this possibility.


A cookie is a term for a situation in which a user’s behavior on a network is registered with the user (on the user’s hard disk). In this way the server (e.g. a website) can recognize a user on their next visit.

Personal data is not stored within a cookie, but rather information on the user’s activity/behavior on the  website, e.g. an entered user name in connection with login to a specific part of the website. A cookie is stored on the user’s hard disk along with cached files. A cookie is thus a text-file, which is sent to your browser from a web-server and stored on your computer’s hard disk. You can set your browser to inform you when you receive a cookie, or you can choose to disable cookies entirely.

The only purpose these cookies are used for is to recognize your computer.

On a purely technical level cookies can be sorted into two categories. The one type is called a session cookie. These keep track of what you have placed in your shopping basket as you navigate around the website. Session cookies are not stored on your computer and disappear once you close your web browser. 

Another type of cookie, a so-called permanent cookie, is saved as a text file on your computer for about one month. A permanent cookie helps our server to recognize your computer the next time you log in to our website, which makes it quicker for you to fill out forms for example.

On www.edition-s.dk cookies are used solely for the purpose of optimizing the website and its functionality, and therefore making the visit as easy as possible for the user.

You always have the possibility of deleting cookies from your computer. This can be done in the following way, e.g.: In Internet Explorer 5.x cookies are deleted under the menu ”Functions” - > ”Internet preferences” -> ”Delete cookies”

SoundCloud Cookies

Our website uses the embedded player provided by SoundCloud Ltd, Rheinsberger Str. 76/77, 10115 Berlin, Germany (“SoundCloud”). When you visit a page of our website that contains the embedded player, your browser establishes a direct connection to the SoundCloud servers and in this process your IP address, your user agent, the site referrer and cookie data is transferred to SoundCloud. SoundCloud may also place cookies that recognize your browser to perform analytics aimed at improving SoundCloud’s products, services and technologies when the player is loaded. For more information on the purpose and scope of the data processing by SoundCloud, please visit SoundCloud’s privacy and cookie policies.

IP address

Each time you visit www.edition-s.dk, the IP address in use is registered. This is the address of the computer you are using. We register the IP address in order to ensure the we can at any time backtrack to the computer used should it become apparent that misuse or unlawful activities have taken place.

Data accountability

Accountability in relation to data registered on www.edition-s.dk, cookies and IP address is held by:

Edition·S – music¬sound¬art
Worsaaesvej 19, 5. salDK-1972 Frederiksberg C


Credit card information is handled by QuickPay


Edition·S cannot be held responsible for other than that required by Danish law.


Eventual disputes between Edition·S and a business client are sought to be settled amicably and hereafter according to the general regulations of Danish law.