If you wish to cancel or annul an order that has already been placed please send us an e-mail titled “cancellation”, with details about the time at which the order was placed as well as the order number. If you already have received an order confirmation by e-mail this can be replied to with the text “cancellation” in the title field. We will confirm your cancellation by e-mail within a maximum of two workdays, on the proviso of illness, holidays and leave. In such cases we will confirm your cancellation as soon as possible. If you are in doubt as to whether your cancellation has been received you can always contact us by calling our sales department on telephone (+45) 3313 5445.

Right of return

You have 14 days in which to revoke an order. If you wish to return sheet music on this basis it should be posted in the same state it was received and at your own cost. The invoice should be enclosed. If the returned goods fulfill the requirements stated above you will be reimbursed within 30 days for the postage costs according to the Consumer Act § 12c.

For PDF downloads the right of return no longer applies as soon as the file(s) has been made available to download.