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Anders Brødsgaard began his musical studies in 1974 at the Carl Nielsen Academy of Music in Odense, with piano as his main subject; his teacher was Rosalind Bevan. From 1979 onwards he studied modern piano with Elisabeth Klein and - later - Anker Blyme at the Royal Academy of Music in Copenhagen. Subsequently at the Jutland Academy of Music, Aarhus, he studied composition with Karl Aage Rasmussen, Per Nørgård and Hans Abrahamsen as well as studies in musical theory with Orla Vinther. As a pianist he participated in the Holdiay Courses of New Music in Darmstadt with Herbert Henck in 1978 and 1982, and he also took part in compositional courses with Sven David Sandström and Edison Denissov.

In the beginning of his compositional career he wrote thoroughly structured pieces inspired by the serial composers of the 50s: The wind quintet ORAM may serve as an example. Later on a more instrumentally oriented and spontaneous compositional style appears, and in recent pieces Anders Brødsgaard has worked with basic musical phenomena such as tonality and pulse; increasingly inspired by the post-Pythagorean concept of a musical continuum between the musical parameters. His music has frequently been performed by prominent orchestras and ensembles both in Denmark and abroad, and he has received commissions from e.g. Danish Radio, Det Unge Tonekunstnerselskab (the Danish section of the ISCM), the Danish Arts Foundation and the Nordic Council of Conservatories.

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  1. Variationer

    1978 • Anders Brødsgaard


    15 minutes timp/hp/pno/cel/

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