Jørgen  Bentzon

Jørgen Bentzon


Jørgen Bentzon was a distinguished jurist, composer and politician. He was pupil of Carl Nielsen and studied at the Leipzig Conservatory. From 1927 to 1930 he was chairman of the Danish Section of the ISCM. In 1932 he co-founded the School of Folk Music in Copenhagen and was its director from 1937 to 42. His works include operas, two symphonies, works for full and chamber orchestra, and chamber music. Amongst this latter form, his 5 Raccontos stand out; a rhapsodic work yet one with a strictly logical formal structure quite peculiar to the composer. Furthermore, he composed a considerable number of choral works and songs.

Available Works

  1. Monologer

    1951 • Jørgen Bentzon


    20 minutes

    Violin solo

  2. Mikrofoni Nr.1

    1939 • Jørgen Bentzon

    7+ Instruments

    Baryton solo + fl, pno, vl, vlc

  3. Kammerkoncert Nr.3

    1946 • Jørgen Bentzon

    2-6 Instruments

    16 minutes

    cl, pno

  4. Kammerkoncert nr. 3

    • Jørgen Bentzon


    16 minutes

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