Klejs & Rønsholdt


Klejs & Rønsholdt is an artist duo, which consists of visual artist Signe Klejs and composer and sound artist Niels Rønsholdt. They work in many media with a point of departure in the various forms of interaction between bodily action and digitally generated responses.

The expression in their works is both brash and intimate, whether it concerns scenic works or installations and an ongoing theme is longing and the various manifestations of distance between people.

Signe Klejs (b. 1974) studied interaction-design at the Kolding School of Design and Universität der Künste, Berlin. She works with the use of new technology in scenography, interactive installations and mediation and communication design.

Signe Klejs has had exhibitions, showings and performances at, inter alia, Watermill Center NY, Stilwerk Berlin, Bergen Festspillene, Gallery Image, Aarhus Main Library, Gallery RUM46 and Dansescenen.

Niels Rønsholdt (b. 1978) studied composition with, inter alia, Karl Aage Rasmussen and Bent Sørensen at the Royal Academy of Music, Aarhus, and with Helmut Oehring in Berlin. His worklist contains chamber operas, installations and chamber music - often with electronics and video and often with music-dramatic content. He has received stipendiaries from, inter alia, The Danish Arts Foundation and Akademie der Künste and his works have been performed by Nordic and European ensembles such as Kammer Neue Musik Berlin (D), Ensemble Intégrales (D), Champ d’Action (B), Bit20 (N), NING (N), Figura (DK), Reflexion K (D) and Offspring (AUS).

Klejs & Rønsholdt have together created a number of sensational performances and installations, inter alia:

• The chamber opera Inside Your Mouth, Sucking the Sun with digital, responsive scenography, which has been performed at Copenhagen’s Music Theater, Entré Scenen, Den Nationale Scene (N), TOU Scene (N) and Happy Days Festival (N).

• The interactive total-installation Room of Relation exhibited at Gallery Spanien 19C and the Øresund Biennale SoundAround.

• The micro opera TRIUMPH with video scenography, commissioned by Figura. Performed at Copenhagen’s Music Theater and LiteraturHaus in 2006/07. Revived at SPOR Festival 2009.

• The interactive installation We all get hurt by Love, commissioned by The International Digital Arts Festival and mounted by Cavi 2006

• The interactive opera-installation HoneyMoon, commissioned and produced by Aarhus University and the Danish National Opera, Aarhus 2009. Also put on at Operaen in Oslo and the Theater Republique/Athelas New Music Festival 2010.