Lars Graugaard


Lars Graugaard trained as a flautist at the Royal Academy of Music in Copenhagen, but as a composer he is autodidact. He is still active as a performing musician with regular concert activities in Denmark and abroad and frequent CD releases in both the classical and more recent repertoire. He was a co-founder of Musica Nova, the Danish section of the International Society for Contemporary Music (ISCM), and was artistic director of the ISCM World Music Days in 1996, held in Copenhagen on 7-14 September 1996. In 1997-98 Lars Graugaard is engaged as composer-in-residence of the Odense Symphony Orchestra, and his output as a composer is now to an increasing extent being released on CD.

Graugaard's compositions range from orchestral works with and without soloists through vocal and chamber music to works for a single instrumentalist interacting with computers, and on a few occasions he has moved into what can best be called spatial installations based on music. His output for amateurs is very extensive, with works for brass band with and without soloists and other brass ensembles of various sizes, as well as etudes for wind instruments written in a contemporary but pedagogically slanted idiom.

The fact that Graugaard is a performing musician may have influenced his talent for composing up-to-date, idiomatic works for amateurs and still exhibiting innovative thinking in various directions. His output for amateurs shows great variation in expression, ambition and degree of difficulty, so one can find works of relevance to very different ensemble types.