Peder Gram


Peder Gram was a conductor and composer. He was pupil of Arthur Nikisch and Hans Sitt. From 1918 to 1932 he was conductor of the Danish Concert Society (the purpose of which was the performance of contemporary Danish music). From 1937 he was head of the music department of the Danish State Radio. In 1918 he became connected with the Society for the Publication of Danish Music and from 1931 to 37 he was chairman of Danish Composer's League. From 1931 to 32 and 1935 to 36 Gram was president of the Northern Union for Composers' Rights. In 1934 he became member of Conseil permanent pour la co-opération internationale des compositeurs. He was also member of Musikaliska Akademien in Stockholm. Gram wrote a number of popular and theoretical books on music. His works include orchestral works (including 3 symphonies), concertos, chamber music, piano music, choral works, songs.