Jeppe Ernst: Anatomisk sangbog · Limited Art Editions

The Anatomical Songbook is a work that examines the body’s movements from a musical perspective. With a meticulous focus on individual joints and muscles, the work simultaneously poses the question of whether music should be categorized exclusively as an auditory phenomenon, i.e. something that must be heard. In Anatomical Songbook there are no instruments that play music, but instead body parts that show music. The work consists of twelve songs, each based on a body part as a musical instrument.

Anatomical Songbook has been developed for the Medical Museion in Copenhagen in a collaboration between the composer Jeppe Ernst, video artist Émile Sadria and singer/performer Jakob Bloch Jespersen. The work is shown on 4 screens that are temporarily placed as an integral part of the Medical Museion’s permanent exhibitions.

Two special art editions of the score are available at Edition·S.

The first comes in a limited edition of 48, and includes the score and a poster of high resolution stills from the videos. The score and poster fold out to the size of an A1 poster (594 × 841mm), they are signed and numbered by the composer and come presented in a low-height A4 cardboard box. The limited edition sells for 480 Kr.

A second, more exclusive edition of 12, includes the above mentioned score and poster, along with a pair of the underpants featured in the video, as well as the complete collection of 12 videos on a USB stick. As with the first edition, both the score and poster are signed and numbered by the composer and come presented in a low-height A4 cardboard box. The exclusive edition sells for 1200 Kr.