Run Time Error

Video installation / site-specific performance
Video art and gallery installation

Run Time Error (2009) is a site-specific audio-visual performance, which Simon Steen-Andersen performs himself, controlling a stereo sound track and double video projection with two joysticks. The video (and sound) for this double projection are pre-recorded, on site, in advance of each performance and shows the composer playing energetically on a large number of objects, while also recording the sound of his actions. As such Run Time Error effectively turns Simon Steen-Andersen into the protagonist of a video game-like situation, in which he is also the game player.

The arrangement of the objects alongside each other describes a tour through the building using the backrooms, staircases, toilets or corridors of the particular site, thus turning the particular building into his instrument. The performance of this recording adheres to certain dogmas:

  1. “Only objects and instruments found at the location can be used,
  2. Each object or instrument can only be used once, and
  3. Each sound/action must have an immediate point of association with its neighbouring sounds/actions.” 

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RunTime Error was originally created during a residency at HOTELbich in Brussels. Loosely constructed in the form of a kind of two part invention (with theme, retrogrades, augmentations etc.) it at the same time involves and presents the composer himself as an energetic performer and embraces the entire building in which it was created as a musical instrument. RunTime Error is also a concept that can be adapted to almost any site and thus be a part of specific performances. Gallery installation versions are also possible upon request and special agreement. For further details, please enquire about the work.

Portrait SEISMOGRAF 28.10.2014 (DK)
Portrait SEISMOGRAF 28.10.2014 (DK)
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Video art and gallery installation