Toivo Tulev perc./org./off-stage organ/archi + S Ct T soli/double choir
Instrument(s) + Choir
A3, 72 pages


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From Estonia, a magnificent polychoral setting of verses from the Song of Songs and St John of the Cross; for soloists, choir and chamber ensemble.


Songs (2005) was designed for the resonant, airy acoustics of the Niguliste (St Nicholas Church in -Tallinn, Estonia). The performers are spaced out in the form of a cross :

Coro lontano (part VI)

Orchestra I Archi Orchestra II

Coro I Soli Coro II Conductor

Organo lontano (part VI)

The text is a collage created by the composer from various sources: the Bible in both Eng- lish (the King James version) and Latin translations (Neo Vulgata) of Song of Songs; and two poems, Cantico espiritual (Spiritual Canticle) and Coplas del alma que pena por ver a Dios (Stanzas Of The Soul That Suffers With Longing To See God), by San Juan de la Cruz. Along with the original text in Spanish, selected passages of the English translation by Kieran Kavanaugh and Otilio Rodriguezi are used.

The work, which is dedicated to Paul Hillier, was premiered in October 2005 in the Nigu- liste Church as part of the NYYD (‘NEW’) festival. 

Toivo Tulev


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