Yngve Jan Trede
5 nocturnes for orchestra
Symphony orchestra
B4, 94 pages

Yngve Jan Trede: Nachtlandschaft – fem nocturner for orkester (Nachtlandschaft – five nocturnes for orchestra, 1979)

  1. 1. Adagio
  2. 2. Allegro molto
  3. 3. Lento
  4. 4. Andante
  5. 5. Inquieto (restless)

The title implies a common association basis for all five movements: the landscape of the night, be it the external or the internal landscape. Nighttime is dreamtime; it transforms all that is known. Imagination is given free rein when we are not being held by the daylight tyranny of our senses. The night is silence which is filled with anticipation of being interrupted: the song of a nightingale, the call of an animal, a late plane, distant thunder. Or visible things such as a shooting star, Northern lights, a sudden flash of lightning. But the night is also storm and noisy darkness, nightmares or ill-timed waking in a delirium.

Whoever disregards all this may hear these pieces as sonorous compositions. Melodies as such rarely occur, if anything there are short motifs or rhythmic-melodic-harmonic cells which merge with superior structures. Each movement was conceived from a clearly defined and simple basic material. Nr. I (Adagio) is a freely associative sequence with an 11 part chordal structure as its central point. Nr. II (Allegro molto) is based on the contrast between a short rhythmical-harmonical motif and a propelling eighth movement. Nr. III (Lento) is based on a scale structure. Nr. IV (Andante tranquillo) is based on fourth- and fifth structures. Nr. V (Inquieto = restless) is the longest movement and develops in several contrasting sections: a restless and jerky introduction is followed by violent dialogue between the timpani and a drum set (tom tom); gradually the piano and the rest of the orchestra joins in. This sequence explodes in a culminating point and then subsides,it is followed by a labyrinth of melodies and rhythms with the background of a 10 part string chord. After this the piece fades in an atmosphere of ”expectant silence” akin to the first movement.

Yngve Jan Trede


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