5-star review of Pulsar opening concert

Danish newspaper Berlingske is full of praise for three young composition students.

“A must for all adventurous listeners.” In a 5-star review of the opening concert at this year’s Pulsar Festival, Danish newspaper Berlingske recently praised the 9-day event for highlighting young talents of contemporary and new music.

Edition·S assisted three composition students in the process leading up to the opening concert, helping prepare scores for the Danish National Symphony Orchestra.

All three – Jeppe Ernst, Mads Emil Dreyer and Bára Gísladóttir – are applauded by the reviewer, Søren Schauser, who calls Ernst a “truly original composer”, praises Dreyer’s “beautiful Short days, eternal snow starring a heavenly sounding celeste” and singles out Gísladóttirs “excellent” Vape.

The festival ends today, March 16.

Source: Berlingske, section 3, p. 9, Monday, March 13, 2017.