A Composer in Search of a Megaphone

Simon Steen-Andersen in search of the out-of-production “Velleman M25SFM” Megaphone

In 2008 the Berlin-based composer Simon Steen-Andersen composed the work “On and Off and To and Fro” for 3 megaphones and 3 instruments.

The piece was very specifically composed for the Velleman M25SFM megaphone. Unfortunately this model has already become a “historic instrument” since it has been pulled from production and replaced with the similar looking, but different sounding MP25SFM (Note: the “P” makes all the difference).

Velleman M25SFM

Out of the 6 original megaphones purchased by the composer while composing the piece, only 3 are still working - and just barely; slowly but surely they are breaking down. In order to keep performing the music (still widely asked for, and with many future performances planned) we're are now starting an extensive search for existing megaphones of the original M25SFM model.

If you would like to help and you think you might have the Velleman megaphone we're looking for, please take a look at the the list below to check that it is ineed the correct model:

Some shops still use the old brand name, even though the product sold is the new one! The quickest way to test if it is in fact the right one or the replacement model you can do the following:

Check that the amplification starts immediately when the on-button is pressed. If yes, mostly accompanied by a clicking sound, it might be the right one! If the amplification fades in slightly after pushing the on-button, without a clicking sound, it's definitely the replacement model, not suitable for the for this purpose.

Compare the FOG and the SIREN sounds with this AUDIO SAMPLE from the "megaphone cadenza" of the piece. (Check that the circuits producing the FOG and the SIREN sounds seem to "blend" when switching rapidly and repeatedly between them. This doesn't happen with the replacement megaphone.)

Here's a link to the original Velleman megaphone:

Here's a link to a studio production of On and Off and To and Fro: 

Remember that it is the M25SFM (without a P in the model number) that we’re looking for.

We'd really appreciate any help we can get in keeping this composition alive. Edition·S