A Prize for Music for and with Children

This autumn the Danish Arts Foundation hands out a prize to a composer / sound artist for a new work or work concept that is composed for and with children.

The two music committees call for specific ideas in the form of works / concepts that focus on children’s and young people’s meeting with music. The works may also challenge the common view of music aimed at children. The purpose of the prize is to inspire composers / sound artists to create new challenging works / work concepts of high artistic quality. The idea itself can be really simple or very complicated. The work / concept is not allowed to have had its official premiere.

The prize consists of 50.000 Kr. and is awarded with a wish of the composer realising the work afterwards. It is possible that more than one prize is handed out and all Danish composers / sound artists can apply. It is also possible for a group of composers to apply collectively.

The idea proposal should fit into a 2 pages-long project description with appendices, and should include artistic motivation and explanation of how the work is going to be realised. In addition to that, a CV of the artist(s) and 1 example of an earlier work in the form of a sound file or similar (mp3 mv.) should be included. A non-compulsory score could also be included.

Please email your proposal to Hanne Holdt Madsen

Deadline is Thursday November 1, 2012.

For more information please visit the Danish Arts Foundation’s website (Danish)