Abyss music and Gothic accordion

Mariana Trench – tales from the abyss is the title of a concert with music for accordion and electronics, which will take place next week on Thursday May 3 at LiteraturHaus, Copenhagen.

The concert is a preliminary culmination on accordionist Frode Andersen's attempt to let the role of the musician and that of the composer intersect. As a musician he has often taken part in the creation of music, and at this concert he will make his debut as a composer.

Andersen's new work will be accompanied by Jexper Holmen's Gothic Suite as well as works by Li-Ying Wu and Ejnar Kanding. Holmen's work is based on different pieces written in the late eighties and they are now being performed for the first time in their new shape and as one work.

Holmen says about his work:

”Gothic Suite consists of five movements. As the title indicates, the music is very gothic in the meaning angular, heavy and bombastic. The three middle movements are simple and short, and the first and the last movement are heavy and deliberately overloaded.”

The concert will be devided into three parts, and all works will be performed by Frode Andersen and Ejnar Kanding.

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