Accordion extravaganza at RDAM

During the accordion summer camp at the Royal Danish Academy of Music, an album release and new Educate·S publication shows a wide selection of works for solo accordion - both will be presented at a concert with Hanzhi Wang 23 August.

Naxos Records releases a solo album featuring accordionist Hanzhi Wang. The album 'On the Path to H.C. Andersen' consists of solo works by Danish composers - works that are either directly inspired by specific fairy tales or seem to evoke the atmosphere they represent.

The album includes Svend Aaquist’s 'Saga Night' (1992) dedicated to accordionist Geir Draugsvoll and inspired by the Nordic sagas. The album also includes works by Jesper Koch, Martin Lohse, and Bent Lorentzen. Hear excerpts from the album in this video.

Hanzhi Wang is currently based in Copenhagen, studying at the Royal Danish Academy of Music, where she will graduate from the advanced postgraduate diploma (soloist) programme in December 2018. She is assistant professor at the RDAM summer camp.

Read more about Hanzhi Wang here.

Upcoming recording of teaching material

The brand new volume in our series of contemporary music written for music school students, Educate·S 'Pieces for Accordion', will be published prior to this concert. As a new initiative, a recording of the pieces will be made available, recorded by Hanzhi Wang and Trio ítríó, and at the concert Hanzhi Wang will perform a selection of pieces from the Educate·S anthology.

'Pieces for Accordion' consist of works by:
Bára Gísladóttír 
Ejnar Kanding
Jesper Koch
Lars Hegaard 
Jexper Holmen 
Mette Nielsen
Svend Hvidtfelt Nielsen
Thomas Agerfeldt Olesen

Hanzhi Wang
Thursday 23 August 16:00
Studiescenen, The Royal Danish Academy of Music, Copenhagen (DK)